Stay Cold Dog Water Bowl

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Stay Cold Dog Water Bowl

This is the bowl that keeps a supply of water for a pet chilled all day long, encouraging dogs and cats to stay cool and hydrated.

Unlike ice cubes that require frequent replenishing or fountains that require electricity or batteries, this bowl cools water using a removable insert lined with non-toxic gel. After as little as two hours in the freezer (gel changes color when frozen) the insert keeps water chilled well below room temperature for up to eight hours.

The durable ABS plastic bowl cleans easily and has a rubber base that prevents sliding.

Measures: 2 3/4H x 10 1/2 diameter. (3 lbs.) Holds 24 ounces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the FroBo cooling pet bowl and how does it work?

A.  The FroBo cooling pet bowl comes in 2 parts: a non-skid base and a removable bowl insert. The removable bowl insert goes into the freezer and once ready, simply place the core into the base and fill with cold water.


Q.  How does the FroBo cooling pet bowl keep the water cold?

A.  The FroBo Freeze Core is filled with a non-toxic gel that goes into the freezer and stays cold once frozen. No batteries or electric cords!


Q.  How long does it take for the base to freeze, and how do I know when it’s ready?

A.  It takes about 2 hours for the core to freeze. When the bowl is completely frozen, the gel will change colors to a frosty light blue shade, indicating that it’s ready to use.


Q.  How big is the FroBo cooling pet bowl?

A.  The FroBo cooling pet bowl measures 10.5 inches in diameter and holds 24 ounces of water.


Q.  How can I make sure my pet always has cold water available?

A.  With an additional FroBo Freeze Core, you can have a frozen bowl on hand at all times, and just swap them out as needed.

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