Private Label Background

Puppy Kisses’ Co-Founders and sisters Gina Pollock and Angela Kats started Puppy Kisses almost 20 years ago in New York City, home of trendy shoppers and dog lovers alike. Driven by their love of animals, Pollock and Kats wanted to create chic and fashionable accessories that are affordable while creating a business model that empowered woman.

Their line of Designer Dog Accessories is hand-crafted by stay-at-home or retired moms. Every item is handmade in New Jersey by a team of women from diverse backgrounds. Each woman brings a different set of skills and their individual talents are represented in each accessory. So, in-between shuffling kids from soccer to swim or watching their granddaughter’s ballet recital, Puppy Kisses offers women the flexibility to earn a salary. The result is a higher quality product superior to similar products mass produced in a foreign factory.

While their line was originally started with their Signature Hair Bows, inspired by Pollock’s Yorkshire Terrier Zoie, today one of their best-selling lines is the Handsome Hounds Collection of trendy neckties and bow ties. For the girls, they launched a line of Blooming Collar Buds, wrap around flowers that quickly liven up any mundane collar.

Puppy Kisses’ elegant Wedding Collection includes simple black bow ties, classic pearl necklaces or a simple veil hair clips.  They also have an exciting new Birthday Shop which includes festive party hats and birthday Pinwheel Collar Buds.

In additional to supporting woman, most Puppy Kisses advertising and promotion consists of supporting local charitable organizations and fundraisers. They also work with several women owned small businesses in support of their never fading entrepreneurial spirit.

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