LOOP Poop Bag Dispenser | Pink

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LOOP Poop Bag Dispenser | Pink

Picture this: you’re out walking your dog and he does his business. Suddenly you realize all of your poop bags are tangled up in a twisted mess. They’re stuck in their holder. After tugging and tugging, you finally yank out some bags. But you only need one. This scenario doesn't have to happen anymore. The LOOP poop bag dispenser opens and closes with the twist of a cap.

LOOP on your bag. LOOP on your standard or retractable or leash. Five simple steps to lock & load.

  1. Twist off cap, remove bags & start roll.
  2. Insert roll into tube, feeding 1st bag through slot.
  3. Insert rodded cap through roll of bags and twist close until slotted tube grips bag.
  4. Twist cap left to open slot, pull bag past perforation.
  5. Twist cap right to close slot and tear off bag.

The Loop sports a stylish design emphasizing both form and function. Made with rock-hard plastic, it’s superior to other holders and colossally durable. It’s a must-have accessory for you and your dog.

  • Smart Dispensing Technology: Unique idea – a patent-pending concept that allows you to pull out one bag at a time.
  • Modern Design: Large loops offer grip and endless toting options. Attach to a carabiner, handbag or thread the leash through both loops.
  • Durable: Weather proof and impact resistant.
  • Clear Housing: allows you to see how many bags you have left.
  • Standard Size: Fits most dog waste bags on rolls (plastic core required).
  • Compact: Dimensions 1-1/2 “ x 5-3/4” 
  • Made in the USA

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