Why Does Your Dog Bark?

Why Does Your Dog Bark?

Posted by Bella on 23rd Feb 2018

Dogs communicate through barking. If your dog barks, there is always a reason why. It may be simply a response to a stimulus, like children walking past your house—or it may be your dog's way of asking for help. My 12-year old Black Labrador barks every night for help getting on the bed. You need to find out why dogs bark in order to stop them from barking.

If Your Dog is Excessively Barking: This is your dog's way of sending you a distress signal. Somewhere their needs are not being met. Did you feed them breakfast or dinner, they might be hungry? Are you walking with them every day, which exercises their body and mind? Are they living a balanced life? If nuisance barking is a problem, consider these issues to find a solution. It’s the best way to show real love for your dog.

A Greeting Bark: I love nothing more than walking in my house to the sound of my dogs jumping and barking to greet me. They make me feel loved and missed. Sadly however, my dogs are probably telling me that they were bored or lonely while I was out. The excitement is your dog's way of burning off the excess energy that has been building throughout the day. Don't be disappointed by this revelation, instead use this information to make sure you are giving your dog what they need when you come home. Spend some time with you dog by playing tug or taking them for a walk.

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