​Lure 101: A Fun Sport with your Dog

​Lure 101: A Fun Sport with your Dog

Posted by Bella on 11th Jan 2019

Dogs love to chase things, I know my yellow Labrador Harley does, so why not make a sport out of it? Luring 101 is a sport that lets your dog do what they do best. Run after prey! Since we don’t all have acres of property with small vermin to hunt with our pets, we can let them vent their instinctual steam through a fun sport.

Lure 101 uses man-operated “prey” to lure dogs around a course that reflects the direction an actual prey animal would run. Since a rabbit isn’t likely to run in a straight line or in a giant circle around a track, the lure coursing prey moves quickly and makes sharp turns and sudden movements. This certainly keeps your dog on their toes, and you too! Lure is exciting to watch, and the dogs love it! (source: Katie Finlay)

Want to try Luring? Many local dog events set up courses for you to try with your dog. The Super Pet Expo in Edison, NJ offers luring at their event on Feb. 8th-10th. Maybe Harley and I will see you there!

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