Fun Things to do in the Snow with Your Dog

Fun Things to do in the Snow with Your Dog

Posted by Bella on 1st Jan 2019

The time for warm blankets, puppy cuddles, and playing in the snow is here! But with the snow also comes the concern of playing outside in the winter weather. If you are  fearful that it is too cold outside for your pup, consider putting on a coat or sweater

Here are some fun things to do with your dog in winter:

Hide and Seek with a Toy: With snow also comes great hiding spots – play hide and go seek with your dog in winter! It is fun to hide the ball, rope, or chew toy in the snow and then send him out to go find it. By hiding the toy under the snow, it will stimulate your dog’s mind through his olfactory senses (smelling). After doing this a few times, your dog will be ready to head indoors for some cuddling by the fireplace!

Sledding : Most of the time your dog just wants to spend time with you. Let him participate in your own winter activities and bring him along when you go to the sledding hill! If you trust your dog to be off-leash, let him chase you down the hill, or carry him along for the ride! This can be a lot of fun for the whole family and is the perfect way to get outdoors and burn some energy!

Play Ball: There is nothing wrong with going to your local dog park or playing fetch in the backyard. Playing fetch is a great way to burn some energy and bond with your dog. Select a toy that will be easily located amongst the snow (bright colors or large enough). Keep your ball playing sessions shorter, as your dog will be working his muscles hard and they can become stiff from being in the cold too long. Bundle up, because there is nothing wrong with a good game of fetch!

Walking or Hiking/Snow-Shoeing: Are you the outdoorsy type who likes to trek to the mountains during the cold months? One fun thing you can do with your dog in the winter is bring him along! Your dog will love to run around smelling things and just being out of the house. As always, keep an eye on the temperature – if it is extremely cold and below freezing, it might be better to do some indoor activities. Otherwise, purchase boots for your dog and a sweater to keep them extra warm on your adventures.


  • When playing outdoors with your dog in winter, keep in mind the temperature. If the temperature is below freezing, staying outdoors too long can be harmful for your dog’s paws. Instead, keep your activities outside short – long enough to get a play in, but not too long that your dog begins to suffer from the cold. It is also important to keep in mind the breed of your dog! If your dog has short fur, he will probably begin to shiver much quicker than breeds with long, thick coats. Watch for any signs of pain or discomfort in your dog (lifting paws, whimpering, or tail between the legs).
  • If you are walking with your dog within your city or town, once you are home, wipe off your dog’s paws. The salts and gravel used on roads and sidewalks to reduce ice can get stuck on the bottom of your dog’s feet. You want to make sure that they do not lick these chemicals, so wiping of your dog’s paws after a walk is best!  The best way to protect your dog against the salt burning their paws is to put boots on them. 

Enjoy spending time with your dog in winter and don’t let the snow get you down! Try these fun activities and you will be sure to have a ton of fun with your furry friend! (source: canine 15 natural)

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