About Us

Puppy Kisses online boutique was founded in 1999 by sisters Gina Pollock and Angela Kats. A phrase coined in their childhood home, anytime a dog licked you, they were giving you “Puppy Kisses”.

Born in New York City, the home of trendy shoppers and dog lovers alike, they founded Puppy Kisses with the hope of making their products available to dog lovers everywhere. Each product is hand-picked for their collection as they take great pride in selecting new and distinguishing items for the discerning shopper. 

Puppy Kisses provides dogs and their owners fashionable dog apparel, gourmet treats and toys, as well as gifts for pet lovers. Whether you are looking for birthday treats, a doggy winter coat or other trendy dog accessories, visitors will find a thorough inventory of fun and stylish products.

Throughout their years in business, Puppy Kisses has evolved to include several private label lines, internet sales and consumer pet shows. Most of company's advertising and promotion consists of supporting local charitable organizations and fundraisers.

Women Helping Women
Do you know all Puppy Kisses Accessories are hand-crafted by stay-at-home or retired moms? So, in-between shuffling kids from soccer to swim or watching their granddaughter’s ballet recital, Puppy Kisses offers women the flexibility to earn a salary.

Gina Pollock - After being in the legal industry for almost two decades as a Business Development executive, Gina left that world behind to follow her first love, her dogs. Over the years she has owned dogs from 5 to 100 pounds and understands the various needs a dog may have based on their size, breed or personality. As an experienced dog owner, Gina knows first-hand how important your dog's comfort and happiness is to you both. When she is not working on designing the perfect dog accessory, she is training her dogs in both obedience and agility. Gina holds a degree in Human Development from Wheelock College.

Angela Kats – Angela is a seasoned Marketing professional with several years of experience in the advertising, legal and consulting industries. She took a leap of faith to pursue her passion full-time after many years in the corporate world. As a mom of two rescue dogs, she believes strongly that adoption is the best option and each one deserves an equal chance for success. Her background includes serving on the advisory board and fundraising for several local charities. Angela holds a degree in Marketing from Boston University.

All of their products are tested and approved by Bella, Magic & Dexter.


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